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"The Planet is Relentlessly Heating   - 2019,

with 19 of the last 20 years the warmest on record."

And "7 out of the last 7 years have been the hottest on record".


NOAA Reports 

   "2020 Tied 2016 for the Hottest Years On Record, 

  Even Without the Warming of an El Nino"


      "One of The Highest Temperatures Ever Recorded on the Planet "-

 130 degrees Fahrenheit,

    was recorded at Death Valley, CA  on August 16, 2020

 and AGAIN on 7/9/21


"The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded


100.4 degrees Fahrenheit,

occurred in Siberia on June 20, 2020"



"California's Record Heat 

fueled the "most devastating, unprecedented wildfire season in CA history"

Reported by the CA Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection in 2020


In 2019, "Greenland's Ice Sheet Melted

  at the fastest rate ever recorded." . . . until 2020 -- 2023

---------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

In 2019, Alaska's hottest summer ever (before 2020),

"The sea ice completely melted away."

"There was NO sea ice

within 150 miles from the shoreline.


                                     Reported by the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment & Policy                                                                        


"Alaskan Glaciers Melting 100 Times Faster

Than Previously Thought."

"From the Polar Caps

 to the glaciers of Europe, Asia and South America,

 global warming is melting the planet’s ice faster than ever, 

andspeeding the inundation of the world’s coastlines".


In 2021

   Extreme & Deadly June Heat Waves & Drought

Led to the Earliest Catastrophic Wildfire Season Ever in Western US & Canada.

 And from Siberia to Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece, Lebanon & the Balkans

 record-breaking heat waves ignited out of control wildfires.

 Germany, Austria, Netherlands, India & China

 dealt with unprecedented torrential rains, floods & deadly mudslide disasters. 

In Zhengzhou China, 8 inches of rain fell in ONE HOUR 

with a total of 25 inches within 24 hours!




​Support for Renewable Energy Grows

As Battery Storage Gets a Boost

 The utility Southern California Edison to build seven lithium-ion battery

 storage projects that add up to enough to power a small city.


C:\Users\Owner\Documents\100% Renewable Energy slides.pptm


Students March for Climate Protection 

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, student activist -

students around the world are taking a stand for climate action.

(Video of worldwide marches at "News and Links")

Climate Changes Already Impacting our Environment

"The Arctic has Entered an Unprecedented State that Threatens

the Entire Planet"

 Report from a 50 year long study- 4/9/19

"The Hyperactive 2020 Hurricane Season Was 

Driven by Warmer Sea Temperatures."

"Surface sea temperatures have been steadily rising since the

late 19th century", intensifying storms such as Super Typhoon Goni

which hit the Philippines with

"140 mph sustained winds & 190 mph gusts!". 



The "Military Could Collapse Within 20 

Years Due to Climate Change "

From a 2019 report commissioned by the Pentagon

"Urgent and Unprecedented Changes

are Needed."

"We only have 10 more years to significantly 

mitigate catastrophic climate  change"

Warning from UN (IPCC) - 2018

  A Super Polluter Needs Stronger EPA Regulation  

A chemical plant complex in FL emits a greenhouse gas 

 300 times more potent for atmospheric warming than CO2


"Methane Drives Sea Level Rise for Centuries"

Washington Post, 2017


"Climate Disruptions are Public Health Threats

Physicians for Social Responsibility 

Small-Scale Solar Reduces Pollution 

"It also avoids the release of health-harming sulfur dioxide,

nitrogen oxides (super potent GHG) and particulate matter, 

  yielding public health savings in the $ millions."

      -- ​From a 2020 economic report from Clean Energy NH. 


"The Public Engagement at FERC Act"

    A US Congressional bill initiated in 2017 by NH's Senator Shaheen 

    and Congresswoman Kuster to bring the voice of the public into the 

   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proceedings.

"UN Secretary-General Urges Countries to End

 ‘Deadly Addiction’ to Coal"

2 March 2021

 "The world still has a “fighting chance” to limit global warming

by ending dependence on coal." - UN Secretary-General António Guterres.



- a downloadable book


 And "NH Faces Chronic Inundation"

From Union of Concerned Scientists

"The people cannot be safe without information.”

- Thomas Jefferson

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