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 "The Era of Global Warming Has Ended.

The Era of

Global Boiling Has Arrived."

- UN Secretary General, Guteres, 7/2023




    "Climate Scientists are Freaking Out." 


    "Ocean temperatures are off the charts – breaking records EVERY DAY for the past year.

We shouldn't be seeing heat like this for another 20 years."


"The Atlantic current that regulates our entire climate

is going haywire." 


 " The ocean's nurseries are withering.

   This is mass extinction in our lifetime."




   "By Far, the Most Extreme Event in World Climate History."

Spring, 2024

"Thousands of heat records are being brutalized all over Asia.


      "In India, on May 29, "ten locations recorded temperatures over 117 degrees and at least two            simmered over 122 degrees Fahrenheit, including Delhi with millions suffering."


     -    50 people-have-died-in-a-week-as-record-heat-scorches-india%2Far-BB1noNLF%3Focid%3DBingNewsSerp




"Earth Had Its Hottest Day, Week and Month

in 120,000  YEARS."


"And the Hottest Day on Earth

in 125,000 years

was July 4, 2023


"These are the Hottest Temperatures in Human History." 

"2023 was the HOTTEST  YEAR

     in Recorded History" 



-  NASA and NOAA

NASA Analysis Confirms 2023 as Warmest Year on Record 



The 2023 "Synthesis Report on Climate Change" from the UNIPCC,

(UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)


The COP 27  UN Climate Change Conference 


The countries most responsible for producing the majority of heat-trapping emissions have finally made commitments to help poorer and more vulnerable countries. But "progress on eliminating fossil fuel useage was again beyond the international community."



COP 26

"More than 100 countries have signed the Global Methane Pledge,"

 It requires a 30 percent cut in methane emissions by 2030. Agreements were made on stopping deforestation, drawing down and ending dependencies on fossil fuels, and a China-US climate agreement.


The US Rejoins the Paris Accord

"The Single Most Significant Step by 197 World Leaders

to Tamp Down Escalating Climate Change"



"Let's Make the World a Better Place!"


A book on ways to help our environment,

created by the 2017 class

of 4th graders at the Temple Elementary School. 

(See the Kids Corner page)


Temple NH's Renewable Energy Task Force

The Renewable Energy Task Force is designing a solar array to

recommend to our citizens to provide the electricity and heat for all of our municipal buildings.

 See the Renewables Task Force page for more info)


A Significant WIN

May Become a Game Changer 

A legal case was brought by a group of Montana's youth challenging 

the state's use of and support for fossil fuels, contrary to its Constitution's                      commitment to protect the health and wellbeing of its youth.

And they WON!

"Our atmosphere is getting hotter, more turbulent,

and more unpredictable.”


 "Carbon Dioxide Soars to a New Record in Earth's Atmosphere" -


"Territory Not Seen in

4 Million Years . .

When sea levels were 16 to 82 feet higher."



 "Global Ocean Temperatures Skyrocket to Record-Breaking Levels.”

( Prior to the onset of El Nino, but exploding to 100 degrees in Miami in July)


" The world’s oceans are increasingly hot, sour and breathless.”

"Record ocean heat, acidification and de-oxygenation have major implications

for marine life" . . .


"1,000's of dead dolphins and fish are washing up on CA beaches."

"Shellfish populations are diminishing, 

and coral reefs are dying."


Lawsuits are Increasing

to Bring Accountability to the Fossil Fuel Industry

"Due to CA's Soaring Rise in Wildfires & Climate Catastrophes,


 State Farm and All State Insurance Companies

have stopped offering new CA property and casualty insurance applications." And 15 FL insurance companies in the last 18 yrs. have done

the same.


2022 -  "The Last 8 Years Have Been the Hottest on Record" 

(prior to 2023)


 "Once Upon a Time, Life Almost Ended on Earth."


"The 'Great Dying' was the largest mass-extinction in history --

caused by temperatures rising so fast, it wiped out 90% of all life. 


But today the Earth is heating even faster,

and we're losing species at a much higher rate"

2022 -  Heat Waves Shattered 7,000 Daily Temperature Records

throughout the US. And Europe had its hottest summer on record.


 Enormous Ice Shelf Collapses Off of Eastern Antarctica - 3/15/22

The Size of Los Angeles


"The massive 460 square mile Conger Ice Shelf collapsed off the 'stable' side of Antarctica during a heat wave with temperatures 40 degrees above normal."


Wildfires in the West


Severe heat plus the most extreme drought in 1200 yrs. continue to escalate

massive wildfires year-round in the US West to the extent that it is no longer

reasonable to talk about the "fire SEASON," experts say.


Unbearable Heat in India and Pakistan 


"51 days straight of 100 degree F. temperatures in Pakistan, up to 123.8 degrees F. with high humidity, followed by extreme flooding which left "1/3 of Pakistan under water," and "pushed the limits of human livability," causing nearly 1,300 deaths.

Financial Costs of Climate Change

"Staying with the status quo can be overwhelming"


 "In 2020, the US had 22 climate driven 'billion-dollar disasters."

 "In 2021, the US had 20 climate driven 'billion-dollar disasters."

 "In 2023, the US had 28 climate driven 'billion-dollar disasters."

"Dangerous Heat Waves" in 2022

Engulfing Europe, England, US, China, Asia, Middle East, N. Africa


Scorching, record-breaking, heat waves persist - endangering public

health, increasing drought, drying up grain fields, and igniting catastrophic

wildfires. England's drought cost $20 billion.​150083/heatwaves-and-fires-scorch-europe-africa-and-asia



Canada, Europe and the Middle East had their highest temperatures on record.

US had its hottest summer on record

And the Earth had its hottest month ever recorded in July, until 2023.


Hurricane Ida - 2021


Hurricane Ida slammed into the Louisiana coast

with 150 mph sustained winds and 172 mph gusts!

It broke hundreds of abandoned underwater pipelines and platforms in the

Gulf of Mexico, causing 300+ toxic leaks & oil spills. Then its tornados and

historic flooding caused deaths and destruction all the way into the northeast



"Climate Change is Widespread, Rapid and Intensifying"


UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) latest report, Aug. 2021


"To Preserve a Livable Climate,


greenhouse-gas emissions must be reduced to net 0 by 2050."


"Two-Thirds of the Birds in North America are at Increasing

Risk of Extinction Due to Rising Temperatures"


"389 Bird Species Are on the Brink of Extinction"

34 species of birds in Hillsborough County, NH are vulnerable to habitat loss.


Reported by the Audubon Society in 2021

"The Planet is Relentlessly Heating   - 2019,


with 19 of the last 20 years the warmest on record."

And "7 out of the last 7 years have been the hottest on record".

NOAA Reports

(Prior to 2023)


"2020 Tied 2016 for the Hottest Years On Record,

Even Without the Warming of an El Nino"


"One of The Highest Temperatures Ever Recorded on the Planet "-

 130 degrees Fahrenheit,


was recorded at Death Valley, CA  on August 16, 2020

 and AGAIN on 7/9/21

"The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded


100.4 degrees Fahrenheit,

occurred in Siberia on June 20, 2020"


"California's Record Heat 

fueled the "most devastating, unprecedented wildfire season in CA history"


Reported by the CA Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection in 2020

In 2019, "Greenland's Ice Sheet Melted

  at the fastest rate ever recorded." . . . until 2020 -- 2023


In 2019, Alaska's hottest summer ever (before 2020),

"The sea ice completely melted away."


"There was NO sea ice

within 150 miles from the shoreline.



Reported by the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment & Policy


"Alaskan Glaciers Melting 100 Times Faster

Than Previously Thought."


"From the Polar Caps

 to the glaciers of Europe, Asia and South America,

 global warming is melting the planet’s ice faster than ever, 

and speeding the inundation of the world’s coastlines".


In 2021


   Extreme & Deadly June Heat Waves & Drought

Led to the Earliest Catastrophic Wildfire Season Ever in Western US & Canada.


 And from Siberia to Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece, Lebanon & the Balkans

 record-breaking heat waves ignited out of control wildfires.


 Germany, Austria, Netherlands, India & China

 dealt with unprecedented torrential rains, floods & deadly mudslide disasters. 


In Zhengzhou China, 8 inches of rain fell in ONE HOUR 

with a total of 25 inches within 24 hours!

​Support for Renewable Energy Grows

As Battery Storage Gets a Boost

 The utility Southern California Edison to build seven lithium-ion battery

 storage projects that add up to enough to power a small city.


C:\Users\Owner\Documents\100% Renewable Energy slides.pptm


Climate Changes Already Impacting our Environment


"The Arctic has Entered an Unprecedented State that Threatens

the Entire Planet"

 Report from a 50 year long study- 4/9/19


The "Military Could Collapse Within 20 

Years Due to Climate Change "

From a 2019 report commissioned by the Pentagon



"Urgent and Unprecedented Changes

are Needed."

"We only have 10 more years to significantly 

mitigate catastrophic climate  change"

Warning from UN (IPCC) - 2018


"The Hyperactive 2020 Hurricane Season Was 

Driven by Warmer Sea Temperatures."


"Surface sea temperatures have been steadily rising since the

late 19th century",

intensifying storms such as Super Typhoon Goni

which hit the Philippines with

"140 mph sustained winds & 190 mph gusts!".


 A Super Polluter Needs Stronger EPA Regulation 

A chemical plant complex in FL emits a greenhouse gas 

 300 times more potent for atmospheric warming than CO2


"Methane Drives Sea Level Rise for Centuries"

Washington Post, 2017


"Climate Disruptions are Public Health Threats

Physicians for Social Responsibility 


Small-Scale Solar Reduces Pollution 


"It also avoids the release of health-harming sulfur dioxide,

nitrogen oxides (super potent GHG) and particulate matter, 

  yielding public health savings in the $ millions."


- ​From a 2020 economic report from Clean Energy NH. 


"The Public Engagement at FERC Act" 


A US Congressional bill initiated in 2017 by NH's Senator Shaheen 

and Congresswoman Kuster to bring the voice of the public into the 

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proceedings.

"UN Secretary-General Urges Countries to End

 ‘Deadly Addiction’ to Coal"

2 March 2021


 "The world still has a “fighting chance” to limit global warming

by ending dependence on coal." - UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

"The people cannot be safe without information.”

- Thomas Jefferson


The 2023 "Synthesis Report on Climate Change" from the UNIPCC,

(UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 

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