TEEC - Temple Eco Energy Committee
                Building Sustainability 

         Temple's Guide to Local Shopping -
   A Directory of Local Businesses, Services,                              and Farms. 
        For all the listings go to its website:                     http://templeexchange.com

The Guide was produced by the Energy Committee to encourage local shopping, reduce out-of-town travel, and welcome the trading of skills and products as another form of currency. Its website was created by a member of the Temple Community Collaborative (TCC).
A Guide to the "Guide":
1.  Where you see the word "Trade" on many of the listings, it means that trading hours of service or products is welcomed by the business owner as an alternative to cash.

2.  If you are a Temple resident and have a new listing to add to the Guide you may sign in on the website and input your information.
3. If you want to add your listing to the hard copy and not have it be published online, contact Bev: nadesha@msn.com.
4. Free hard copies have been passed out at Temple's Annual Harvest Festival. A bound copy is also available at the Library, the Municipal Building and at Willard's store.
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