TEEC - Temple Eco Energy Committee


   Photos from the 2014 Miniature Solar Vehicle Project by the
4th Graders
The project was sponsored by the town's Energy Committee and Recreation Committee, working in conjunction with
the science teacher.  The kids had a ball!  They worked in teams of 2 to build their solar powered vehicles and eventually raced them out in the school parking lot on a sunny day!


The Recycling Club of the Temple Elementary School consists of 3rd and 4th graders committed to cleaning up their corner of planet Earth. Above and below are slideshow presentations of posters made by these students to advertise how we all can cut down on our energy use to keep the planet healthy. This is their page and will feature their work, ideas and activities surrounding recycling and the environment.
  1. To compost all snack and lunch food scrap garbage
  2. To use metal water bottles in place of plastic bottles
  3. To make a fresh set of posters for the town encouraging residents to recycle and care for the earth
"Everyone who visits our page, please remember to recycle your plastic, glass and cans" "If you live in Temple, recycle them at the Recycling Center in Wilton and bring your paper to our paper dumpster in the school parking lot,"
-- Temple Elelmentary School Students
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Kids help save energy
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